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        1925 - 1929


        Florida Power & Light Company was created on Dec. 28, 1925. In the beginning, FPL owned power plants, water facilities, gas plants, ice companies, laundry services and even an ice cream business.

        In its first year, the company served approximately 76,000 customers in 58 communities, and had a generating capacity of 70 megawatts.

        1926 Miami Hurricane


        One of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history, the 1926 Miami Hurricane, struck South Florida. The storm tangled electric lines, snapped power poles and flooded plants. The damage cost FPL $1.6 million, but the company rebuilt and continued to expand.




        The company bought 20 acres of land to develop a demonstration farm to convince potential residents that the marshy soil could be transformed into profitable farmland. The flourishing property included livestock and 150 varieties of plants.




        The Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928 hit South Florida, killing 2,000 people. FPL converted one of its warehouses into a first-aid station to help those in need.

        1929 FPL Electrical Appliances Store


        The company hired door-to-door salespeople to sell electric appliances and created display rooms at their local offices. Every employee became a salesperson, encouraging customers to purchase vacuums, coffee makers, refrigerators and toasters.